Syndicate Radio





Established in 2011, Syndicate Radio became a household name amongst the locals in the San Fernando valley area. What started as a group of friends getting together to dj house parties, which later lead to building a connection and a network with people who were as hungry and driven to spread the local talent that was overlooked by many, thus came the birth of SYNDICATE RADIO! The “Syndicate Crew” (as they became known as) is a collective of people who came together to help spread the word and open society’s eyes and ears to local music. Raw and uncut, Syndicate Radio has no boundaries which lead to their uprising in a quick and speedy manner as they gained the respect from many of the artists who they’ve shared the studio with because of the fact that there are no scripts nor filters that they have to abide by. Syndicate Radio is a local independent radio station by the people, for the people! No genre is left behind and no topic is left untouched!