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Shanda Foster is a media personality who got her start as a journalist. She began her career writing press releases and bios for clients at a public relations company. Shanda then decided to pursue her passion of journalism and started contributing to fashion and entertainment online publications. In 2009, Shanda entered the broadcast media world as the third member of Playaction Sports Radio. Her entertainment reporting, sports knowledge and magnetic personality gained her attention locally. In 2012, Shanda was diagnosed with cancer and was forced to take a break from journalism. During her healing and recovery, the only thing that could help keep her sanity was to go back to writing, so she teamed up with former Olympic skater/Sports Journalist Alice Cook and her all female media company, She’s Game Sports and From then on, Shanda became an advocate for female cancers and decided to share her experiences with others with similar experiences. In 2013, Shanda returned to Playaction Sports, so tune in and join her on the next chapter of her journey!






Leroy Irvin grew up in the sports town of Boston, MA and became interested in sports at a young age. He was always checking stats, listening to the great sports radio talk shows and reading the sports pages. One of his other great passions is music. At the age of 5 years old he started playing the drums. In 1999, Leroy began his engineering and production career working for AXIOM and 24/7 Entertainment. He was living in Atlanta when he heard the sports talk radio show, 2 LIVE STEWS and thought, “I could do that!” Leroy moved back to Boston and teamed up with Cerrone Ackerman to create Playaction Sports Radio. With the help of Leroy’s creative vision and musical production, the show was picked up by WBOT fm HOT 97 Boston in 2007. Since then, Irvin has gone on to continue sports reporting for numerous radio and television shows, including “Gospel Connection” on WRBB 104.9 fm and BNN’s “Boss Lady News Television”. He strives to take his talents to mainstream sports media.







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