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P.L.A.Y Radio is a culturally based show with a combination of business, politics, fashion and lifestyle topped with the hottest music.


Candace Morales is an aspiring television show host from Boston, MA. Growing up, she watched a lot of programs that aired on networks like BET, MTV and VH1. She admired hosts like Rachel Stuart, Ananda Lewis and Free – and fell in love with the idea of becoming a TV show host. She pursued her education at Salem State University where she studied Communications and Film. She interned as a radio co-host for HOT97BOSTON and later went on to host BNN’s talk show Girls and Guys. Once the first season of Girls and Guys ended, she was appointed to be the director of Loud Minds TV. Soon after, the producer and host of the show brought her on to be his co-host. She hosted Loud Minds TV for one season. Currently is the host of a webseries titled Open 4 Discussions and the Boston-based radio show P.L.A.Y Radio. She hopes to someday use her knowledge and skills to better the Boston communities in which she grew up.

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1239594_10151656913536375_2055409780_nHerb Read was born and raised in the City of Boston. He grew up with deep roots in his community and was heavily involved in sports. He later pursued his education at Norfolk State University in Norfolk, VA where he studied Mass Communications Broadcast/Journalism. He gained experience in politics and civic engagement through his works at the Boston NAACP and the Massachusetts House of Representatives. Currently Herb is utilizing his skills in communications to Broadcast at Gag Order Network through PLAY Radio, while also serving as the face of his city, community, and the Hip-hop Culture.  He is also using his skill set to enlighten the younger audience in the arena of politics while encouraging them to be more socially responsible and aware.


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