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Carlos Regatta grew up around music since a very young age. With his uncle, who lived in his home during parts of his childhood, being a DJ himself and owning numerous nightclubs, Carlos grew up around the music and nightlife scene. Carlos took up piano at a young age but quickly realized that was not his calling. Carlos then formed a rap group with a friend as a teenager and realized this was not his calling either. Being heavily in to the hip hop scene since a young age, to take up one of the “five elements” of hip hop appealed very much to Carlos. Finally in 2013 Carlos came across Mmmmaven: Electronic Music Production and DJ School in Cambridge, MA and quickly realized he wanted to learn the art of DJ’ing. Here Carlos spent 2 months learning the ins and outs of DJing. Since then Carlos has been able to DJ numerous private parties, even at known establishments in the city of Boston such as Middlesex Lounge and Back Bay Social Club. Carlos now has brought his talents to radio for the first time and be heard weekly here on Gag Order Network every Tuesday from 9 to 11 PM EST.

Hip Hop Experiment w/Carlos Regatta on 6/22/15 by Carlos Regatta on Mixcloud