Roleplay provides an excellent opportunity for the client and the escort to flirt with the wildest sexual fantasies imaginable. Roleplaying is all about imagination; the more inventive you are the better. Here are some of the roleplaying roles that are requested from Charlotte escorts:

1. An erotic massager

Massages make someone horny without getting them off. Considering that most escorts, if not all, offer massaging services, the erotic massager role play should be on top of your list. In this role play, the escort may play the masseuse and pay great attention to every inch of your body just to put you in the mode. That’s a great place to start when you’re looking forward to an evening of incredible sex.

2. An authority figure, more so a medical professional

You know how a doctor instructs the patient to sit or lie down on the bed to be examined. The patient/doctor role play involves one authority figure, and that makes it hot. What makes it even hotter is the fact that the authority figure (the “doctor”) has the right to touch you – and involving a nurse’s or doctor’s outfit makes the whole experience lively and real. The client may be given a ‘physical’ and warned that the side effect of the procedure is that he might begin to want to engage in sex with the escort.

3. Monarchy, darling

This is probably why we haven’t entirely abolished the monarchy. Regardless of your political, personal stance on any monarchy, your escort could fancy a monarchy role and, believe me, and it can be incredibly hot! As a client, you can put yourself in the shoes of Prince Harry, even if you don’t fancy him, and the escort may play Megan or certain unknown princes perhaps from China – as we agreed earlier, your imaginations are the limit. But be careful not to let the royals take all the fun – be drastic and bring back the eroticism of ancient dynasties and command the escort to let bare her inner scepter.

4. Parent, daughter /Brother, sister

This could be a little sinister, but it could as well be the reason why you would show up at the escort’s place, to begin with. Much as incest is frowned upon in the society, fake incest with an escort isn’t particularly a bad thing; it could be unimaginably exciting to some clients who would like to add a pinch of fetishes in roleplaying. An escort may pretend to be the sister of a parent, and the same may apply to the client; the evening would be awesome.

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