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The Gag Order Top 135 

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ArtistSong TitleProfile
Taken By TomorrowThe Price I Pay
Troy RameyWhen the lights came
Troy RameyRosary
Kevin HeiderI Don't Want Your Love
Ryan MaceriComing Home
Kevin HeiderLonely in St. Louis
Kevin HeiderMaureen (Has Anybody Seen Her?)
Amphibious Zoo MusicHome Is Where You Are
Adley StumpLike This
The MilestonesOhio
Troy RameyWhen the lights came
Kevin HeiderCan't Have My Money
BarflyAll About The Money PS
Victoria CelestineAlive
The ImpsFly To Fall
Alex AshbrookCome Home To You
Matt CoxCountry Rose
Donna HughesThere's No Place Like Home
Michael Gallant Money
AGHORIAcross The Earth
SAVE THE RADIOAs Long As You're With Me (Homeward Bound)
HiTPLAYNo More Mr. Nice Guy
Rock Paper DynamiteA Place Called Home
Mike SanThe Range
j. schnittBelly of a Bird
Rock Paper DynamiteBirdDog
PNWEG ArtistsSetting Sun
Bill CornishTen Till Ten
Dharma RecordsGot It Going On
Michael McEachernShot In The Dark
Christopher GlassI see you Speaking
Christopher GlassWhenever
Michael McEachernEasier As Us
The JinxesSend Me A Sign
KAPTNSaphire Eyes
Donna HughesWhere The Good Daddies
JailboxTake Me In
Gypsy CollaboMinus You
The Midnight CandyWAITING ON THE SUN
BriWaiting For You
John FridayHome
PNWEG ArtistsLion's Den
RoyalDefine Alive
Happy OtherwiseFor The Birds
JailboxFrozen to the Ground
Moxy And The InfluenceALIVE
RockzionInto My Life
Leon O. Strowski
Feed the KittyWonder
SheridanJumping Fences
TelcoApocalyptic Kiss
A Choired TasteThousands of Miles Away
Moxy And The InfluenceQueen Anne's Revenge
Kna-Lo VengeNobody Wins Alone
Stan BozekOnce Upon A Memory
Crown OneGo Ham
The Sound of MondayFast Friends
The Sound of MondayOutta My Own Way
Beautiful Small MachinesCounting Back to 1
Chris CortezThis Masquerade
Brent ByrdHold On To Me
Alyssa SimmonsNow Or Never
Cáthia Unbreakable
SaniyeMan Outta You
Victoria CelestineAs we Grow Old
OvianA Little More
Michael Gallant Completely
Magnets and Ghosts Hold On
Building BirdsAll I Ever Need
The BeriberiVial (Every Place I Drown)
Honey & the 45sNo Turn On Red
The Most Powerful WeaponPages
Magnets and Ghosts Light My Flame
Victoria CelestineWasted Tears
H-ManNever Give up (Prod By Might Beats)
Magnets and Ghosts Drug Money
Candice RussellSo Much More
Alyssa SimmonsLeave The Light On
IdeomotorThe Gutter
2Steel GirlsMy Mistakes
Alyssa SimmonsThis Is War
Dharma RecordsUntil We Meet Again
Dharma RecordsLove / Loathe
The JinxesMigration
RYANThis Is All I Know
Happy OtherwiseLove Like Lightning
Erica Sunshine LeeChunky Dunk
Moxy And The InfluencePiece of My Heart
Robert MarinoLOVE YOU MORE
Kat SolarInfinity
Joy VillaVagabonds
Rusty J's StudioLe chalet gray
Gar FrancisBlack Sheep
Erica Sunshine LeeGirls Night Out
Dave's True StoryEverlasting No
Dave's True StoryWho Would Guess
Moxy And The InfluencePiece of My Heart
Victoria CelestineSomething More
Battling Giants 03 - What's Yours is Yours
T.DotWinter in Buffalo
Bulletproof SnowPunished For My Innocence
Battling Giants 10 - Vacancy, Pardon Me
Living Waters InspirationsBook 2 - 2
Swampy & The Note TrollDrive Away
Leon PatilloLight it Up
Medy LemaFeel Good
Michael MindingallThinkin Bout You
Ted NagyMight Be Better
Minnie DeeBelieve
Michael BeebeSoul Of The Duck
Paul Michael BarkanFew Have Ever Seen
Paul Michael BarkanWaiting for Sunrise
Bill CornishLeft Coast
Jane SaundersHelga's Revenge
Paul Michael BarkanPump House
GrooveShineFour kisses from Lily
Bad MaryNinja
Ryder Buck & the BreakersI'm Gone
Feed the KittyWonder
Jessica's Theme BandHard To Be A Hero
Paleface JackSuperstar
Mary WhiteWish I Knew How to Stop Loving You
MAVOfficialOver Me
Ainsley McNeaneyCloser
Bonnie PaulAnswer to my prayers
little green blackbirdOne in a Thousand
Paul Michael BarkanI'll Go with You